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Saturday, January 10, 2009

its a quiet saturday nite,n i m in my senses..with sleep failin to come...i m tendin 2 get nostalgic...nostalgia is nt always good 4 can sometimes get bitter tht i cud say a memory loss cud have been handy smtimes....smtimes i feel god if only things went my way,they say..the best thing abt life is tht it takes a turn at right angles so that whn u look back u cant see ur past...i think it is pure crap...atleast 4 me...

wht m i talking...i guess i m gettin damn depressed....mayb bcoz of pogo...he might have 2 leave anyday..i wish i cud keep i cannot...again i end up asking,

Cn someone tell me the answer??who can,whn even god cant?

Gona hit the sacks...coz a severe headache has hit me...hope tomorrow brings smthing good...ciao folks

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