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Friday, January 2, 2009


jus bac frm watching first xperience at a movie theatre over here...well not only mine bt almost every1 in our gang was a first timer leaving alone my husband and his was an old house turned theatre...wid dolby effect n all...n man was the theatre crowded...the queue was practically was like the stronger man will win types ...finally my husband managed 2 get the tickets...we were shown a special corner of the theatre as there were ladies in our grp...hmmm...thankx 2 us the guys also got a good seating place..:D...the movie was good...well asin looked really good...n her energy n charisma was undeniable...aamir khan as usual was his perfectionist in my opinion the camera shudnt span dis close 2 him..well afterall hes a 1975 born in the movie...its exposure way thruout..this time 4 a change the female is pretty clad...its the herooo who does the body show..well,its a body worth watching...:)...n the movie is a good timepass,bt i felt the villian was kinda frm the old times..with his white shoes,gold accesories n his stupid accent...southern or bihari...well nothings perfect, is its sure worth a the way,the short term memory stuff turned out pretty smtimes...i wondered wht wud have happened if i get a medical condition like tht...i guess the best part 'll b i 'll b exempted frm my kitchen the one i shud be doin now,while i 'm writin this blog..well thn i guess i will 4get the topic of my blog halfway also...hmmm...well i m happy the way i m...n thnankx god,u made me fall in the privileged lott!!!

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