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Friday, January 9, 2009


Dis is somethin I learnt thru my xperience….all 23 yrs of my life…I have never tried my hand at dis art,except for the occasional chocolate fudge,I used 2 make…truth is I was interested in eating than cooking…n never did the need arise 4 me 2 enter the kitchen,as there was always sm1 to cater 2 it….

OH!my GOD...U DNT KNO COOKIN??THIS WAS A COMMON COMMENT BY A PARTICULAR GENERE OF PEOPLE AFTER MY if i had did my engineering in home sciences.....controlled my temper,smiled at everyone at replied back.."NOBODY IS A BORN COOK,MY DARLINGS"....

But…as u might have guessed,I was totally cluless in the first day,at my very own kitchen…with noone to help…a whole kitchen 2 my own…xcept for a few recipe books which I had got frm my mother,there was noone or nothing 2 guide me…..

And as expected my first day outputs were a complete disaster,inspite of the online cookin g classes i got thru the phn...(except for the properly cooked rice),an over salty bhindi,and a rasam which was way too hoottt…..well…theres always omletes 2 depend upon….my poor husband…he might have had an iron cast stomach ,to survive my cookin xperiments…

They say failure is ur stepping stone 2 success…after struggling for smtime wid the recipes,finally I emerged victorious,really I felt like I had won a war,against all those people who thought i would starve my husband to death.....…i was correct,nobody is a born cook...necessity is the mother of all inventions as well as the mother of all cooks...

They say behind every successful man is a woman,,I say behind every successful wife at kitchen,there ‘ll b an encouraging n supporting husband,ready 2 eat whtev er u cook..n EVERREADY 2 cook,if u r tired......:D


  1. wait till you eat my own creation..."maggila delite"!!!!

  2. So, whats ur masterpiece in cooking yaar?

  3. i try everthin i feel like...cant call anythin a masterpiece i felt happy the most whn i baked my first cake...after 3 failed attempts

  4. chaits,i was told by amma u maggila delite is supposed 2 b good..:)