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Sunday, December 28, 2008

r we the 2nd sex?????

no...i am no feminist or nowhere near 2 tht i believe i standin up 4 my own rights...n nt 2 b treated as a second gender whoa always supposed 2 follow n never lead.....watchin a tv show 2day made me think abt all dis...female foeticide...the place where i come frm was ranked as the state wid cent percent literacy and good living status of the people,well as compared to the other states in atleast in my sociey all these were unheard of...i come frm a family of 2 girls..n my parents treated us and bought us uo in the best way as possible by thm...cing such parents i wonder how cud there also be parents like the other ones who jus tend to kill their unborn babies in the womb itself n try 4 another male child,so that he can carry out the family name and hold his father's name high in the society???hmm...even the sayin is biased...never heard of smthin like holdin the mother's name high...:)...even polygamy is justified in the name of tryin 4 male child...whn will we reform...wht role does the female haas to play?? r they simply baby making machines n food vending machines??

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