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Sunday, December 21, 2008


hi all

guess i m out of my bloody mood swing...n all it took to do it was a movie..yup a simple movie...basically a doggie movie...seeing the movie gave me the inspiration for todays blog....movies based on doggies...speaking of which dogs r my fave animals...they have been wid me frm the time i can two bac home ,achu a pomy ,now 9 yrs old n bittu a german shepherd,8 yrs old...

u guessed it write,the first one is bittu n 2nd is much a part of our family..cant imagine a life widout thm....

so comin bac 2 the topic...i was supposed 2 write abt my fave movies based on here goes...

lemme start wid the one i was watchin today...


This is one bout the most famous doggie star in hollywood n how he lands up in a firestation n how he saves the firestation n influences the ppl around..Quite a good one 2 watch...the doggie REXXX ,with many xxxxxxxs aka dewey to the firestation gys quite a star n quite charmin too...


I 'm pretty sure every1 would have watched need of ne comments...mayb this series is the most popular dossie series around.

3. K-9

well this is one of my faves...a cop dog...assisitin a cop...i think hes smarter tha the cop himself...pretty good actin by the dog..:D....quite a hilarious watch....i like the dog too...reminds me of my bittu :)

4.Beethoven Series

another of my all time faves..series revolves around a dog,a huge one actually,a saint bernard and his added on family...the father disagrees 2 keep him..thn afetr a turn of events he bcaomes a family member...the 2nd one shows the dog n his kids...n deailin wid puppy nappers...its quite good...cnt imagine those small cuite pies will grow up 2 b so huge doggies...

PS:speakin of st.bernards its a long due b'day gift for my sis...dnt kno whn i 'll b able to afford it..:D


his one is about a star basket ball playin dog called airbud havin his family of puppies called buddies...n the puppies settin out 2 have an adventure of their own..... nt only puppies..u can also see a farmhouse full of talkin animals in dis movie....a basket ball playin pup,a karate pup,a meditating pup...wish i had one of thm wid me...:)


uess it is the latest movie released in the doggie series so far...a gud 4 nothin dog in the police squad is stolen and by sm experimental mishap by a freako scientist ,he gets his dna mutated and goes 2 save the world...quite a change 2 c a superheroic dog in dis time of macho superheroes..

Well...there r so many odar movie i like like chestnut,spot,snowdog,turner n hooch n so on...n of coure my all time fave...scooby dooooby doooo...smtimes i think how do they get these doggies to act like dis...however they do it, they sure do a wonderful job.....makes us think if we hav had pets like thm...well i m lucky in tht case...i think and i know for sure my doggies r the best....can't think of a life widout thm....they r one of the best things tht has ever happend to our family....n i thank u god whole heartedly for givin us those adorable ones....

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