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Monday, December 22, 2008

hi folks...

got up pretty late 2day...if it wasnt 4 tht phn call frm my husband i would have been still asleep...hmmm..guess todays gona b one loong lazy here i m in frnt of the computer,well thts nothin new..i am usually here in frnt of this sysytem,which my husband has lovingly named as wolf..inspired frm wolverine ..quite a contrast wid my old computer back home which we ;we includes me and my sis had named as sweety.. sweety was a snooty,wid a mind of her own who used to hang up at her own i miss her...mayb its bcoz of the long 7 yrs of acuqaintance wid what i miss most abt her is her unlimited,that was heaven..nt like dis present connection which if exceeded 2 gb a month..will end up in sendin u bills tallyin to astronomical figures..well u cant have it all i guess...i guess its bcoz of some good karma in my past life that i atleast got dis connection in this god forsaken land..well its nt that god forsaken ,bt still it is in terms of might be wondering where in the world i am writing all dis from...well my dear people..i am writing dis from the northernmost state in our country.for those who cudnt still decipher my exact point of location,well i am in jammu and i am not a native or a tourist out here..i am jus here... bcoz of bread and butter to b xcat.....:).... place is beautiful...jus like a beautiful piece of art....u c it once...n thn u fall in luv wid it ...well,thts the good part abt dis place...apart frm tht theres nothin much 2 brag abt...guess i 'm gettin hungry...will update you gyus later on whats happenin....till thn ..take care..ciao.

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