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Monday, December 29, 2008

confessions of a hungry soul

m feelin hungry....yup,i guess dis is the feeling called hunger...noone in the house xcept me 2day...tht means the kitchens closed 4 the day...i took a well deserved holiday from my cookery duties.well nt tht well deseved,bt still i thought i would take a break frm the kitchen n utilize my energy 4 smthin else...well i didnt do anythin else except sleepin today... now during the whole process of saving my energy by not making food...i 4got 2 realize that the inevitable would strike...yup the call of hunger...the gurgglin and grigglin of my stomach is gettin louder n me being me ,wnt enter the kitchen under these dire circumstances also...the only reason being is that...i am too lazy...well my only resort is the half filled,better half empty,i drank the first half of the bottle,well the bottle of pepsi in frnt of me... gona hit the sack wid the pepsi in my hand...hope i 'll survive the nite...ciao folks...

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