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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


The last morning of this year is turning out 2 b pretty cold...the sun is out but still its quite chilly...good 2 sleep,bt 4 a change i m hus is i 'm the dark lining 2 the silver cloud is tht i have 2 get up early..early in the sense at 7,which is quite early nowadays bcoz 7 in the mornin looks n feels like 12 @ nite...the most difficult phase in the process is tryin to pull out my sleepy cold self frm beneath the warmth of the blanket....once tht is over,well thn the goin is kinda easy....atleast the good part is i dnt have to step out o the house,unlike my husband n many odars...who r forced to heed to the call of duty...:)...well..if my husband is nt there also i 'm woken up at our ring of the callin bell indicates tht he has bought the milk...good...i neednt get outta my bed...if the bell tringss again i am supposed 2 get up...coz the 2nd bell indicates tht he has brought the register 2 sign....poor guy...he is a sight 2 see in the mornings...wid a sweater n a cape covering his head,he looks like a wizard rite out frm a harry potter book....who carries milk packets,instead of his wand...milkman gone...i try 2 get sm shut eye again...thn goes anodar trringg....dis time it 'll b my maid.....usually i c her in n retire again 2 the warmth of my the sleep bcomes sad...well...its bcome a routine now...the only xception being on sundays....i love milkman , a maid who comes late n a husband who sleeps on n if tryin to make up 4 the busy week he had......:)..i wish everyday was a sunday...:D

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